Brand Story

L’aise vie is a French-based adult sex brand. Since its establishment in 2011, it has established a large-scale industrial chain with over 200 people brand team, R&D and production, high-quality laboratory, inspection center, production and sales.

L’aise vie Design Director Henry graduated from Peking University in 1992, and then went to Harvard University to study in the United States. During that time, he published more than 30 articles on essays and won several luxury jewelry design awards. After graduation, he successfully entered the US famous sex toy company and joined L’aise vie in 2012 Serving as the Design Director.

Henry advocates a human-oriented thought and strives to improve and help more people explore sexual pleasure. With years of product design experience、consumer demand research, precise grasp of the market environment, and then the designed products with unique fashion aesthetics are designed to be safer and more comfortable. The safe materials provide much  more fun and let the customers feel more enjoyable. After the birth of the brand, they begin to launch on Amazon. l’aise vie products have been popular among many consumers for a year in the international e-commerce platform,also it brings consumers comfortable and enjoyable experience. l’aise vie is committed to building a world-renowned sex toy brand all over the world.



Company culture


Create a famous sex toys brand to bring sexual satisfaction to the consumers all over the world.


Service philosophy

Health, beauty, fashion, exploration, fun, treat sex as a natural, enjoyable and healthy behavior. l’aise vie would become a bridge for intimate partners to explore climax sex, give much more energy and fun to the couples, enrich imagination, improve sex skills, lead sensual pleasure with new ways. Love game full of artistic flavour begins from l’aise vie.


Brand Attitude

l’aise vie has been adhering to the meticulous, rigorous and tireless spirit of craftsmanship. This attitude of craftsmanship has been deeply branded into the brand and all the products of l’aise vie. We will still forward the steps with this kinds spirits.



l’aise vie has a strong supply chain, with raw material suppliers, production and consumption of integrated industrial base, the monthly proliferation of new products listed, greatly meet the needs of the market and different customers. Product quality has reached the world level, and equipped with a sound logistics center which make it open the supply chain in China and abroad. Now we succeed to attach a lot of traditional and e-commerce customers around the world.


Problems l’aise vie resolved

The emergence of l’aise vie has guided the attitude of consumers to sexual life, the first sexual behavior and many other aspects of the problem, improve people's overall level of happiness, to help people have a healthier and more wonderful life.


Quality Assurance

The quality of excellence, the use of hydrophilic silicone, safe and non-toxic, choose the imported high-quality motors, rigorous manufacturing technology and mute technology, show the spirit of craftsmanship. This high-quality products show your elegant status, but also give you a high-tech, healthy and natural way of life.